Show me the way .

yeah . i understand .
really understand what you say .
i know that's my fault .
my fault .
my damn thing .
my nonsense .

don't do me like that .
i don't want this happen .
i can't accept that .

don't do the damn thing .
through your life .
through this .

i will through without you .
because i know you feel so miserable .
with my self .

pass your life .
i know
you can through this .
i know you well .

let me through this life alone .
let you through this life with people around you .
people in the out really need you .
they really love you .

throw away my self .
from your life .
if you really want that .

i can't do that .
because you really mean .
i need you .
gonna miss you .

p/s: i hope you can accept my self . help me . mgkn apa yg aq tulis nie . ada salah ayat yea . tp aq harap di paham ok . need you .

♥ Just You + Me ♥